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Marbella Club Resort Golf with a Huxley Premier Tee Turf II


December 2013.

So we have created Europe’s largest golf training facility in artificial turf. Club La Santa in Lanzarote dedicate this fantastic facility with 96 new apartments for the month of April 2014.

June 18. 2013

Now we have installed a Huxley demo green on Baviera Golf, Andalucia. Why a green in artificial turf?
Because Baviera golf thinking all the way around!
Environment, no use of water,
almost no maintenance,
and thus a minimum of costs,
always a putting green in the same condition,- all this in order to give the Baviera Golf’s members and greenfee players the best experience to lowest possible cost.

Marbella Club Resort Golf with a Huxley Premier Tee Turf II

Lars Aarup

Gary Vautier from Jersey, Channel Islands, England.

PGA professional for 35 years including 24 in Spain

Has worked as a professional for the last 14 years at the Marbella Club Golf Resort

Huxely Golf:

”Gary, for the last two months you have had a 42-meter Huxley Premier Tee Turf installed on Yourdriving range, what do you think about it?”

”I think of myself as a very traditional professional,  I like to hear the strike and I like to see the divot. So I would always prefer to practice on grass .To teach that way gives the player the same feeling as on the course.  We play on grass so I like to practice on grass wherever possible.

That  said,  the installation of the new tee line has raised our range to another level! The range is now a lot tidier, the players practice from the correct position and it has allowed us to utilise more of the tee and we are now able to add additionalfacilities, ie a new practice putting and chipping green.  We are now able to get more use from the area we have available in a safer enviroment for the player.    Huxley Premier Tee Turf definitely has a much more realistic feel than traditional rubber mats.  

Huxley Premier Tee Turf is very honest, it gives you a very realisticbounce. It is my guess that 90% of our players are very pleased with the new initiative.”